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Welcome to Siman Auto Sales - Used Car, Truck & SUV Dealer in Regina


Siman Family Mission Statement

We, the members of the Siman Family, endeavor to show forgiveness. We contribute to and receive from the knowledge pool of all members. We nurture individual talents of the members, cheering for one another, working together. We pass on a sense of heritage and build a model for future generations. We strive to bring honor to and establish the Siman family name in the Community.


Siman Auto Sales Inc. is owned by Dwight & Lana Siman and is supported by a number of good friends & family. SAS was started in June, 1998 when Dwight took a trip to Florida to buy his first car at a dealer auction. The first dealership was located in the R.M. of Edenwold on an acreage owned by Dwight's brother, Doug Siman. We continued to build & grow, then moved to our current location at 1575 Park Street, on the corner of Park Street & 9th Avenue, Regina, SK, in November of 2000.

Large enough to make a difference
Small enough to care

The "Siman Auto Sales" Advantage

We at Siman Auto Sales (SAS) strive to be innovative in the area of auto consignment and sales. We offer several services to facilitate the consignment and sale of your vehicle, making the entire process a pleasurable and profitable experience for you!

Meet The Team

Loretta Siman

Loretta Siman (Mom/Grandma)
The Heart of Siman Auto Sales

After coaxing her out of retirement we convinced her to work with us 3 days a week, She is here to help you with your purchase.

Dwight Siman

Dwight Siman
The Innovator of Siman Auto Sales

You can find Dwight here at the sales center most days, He is very active in sourcing new vehicles for the sales center.  Call him if you are looking for something specific.

Lana Siman

Lana Siman
Co-owner, Dwight's Wife and # 1 Supporter

Although Lana is not at the sales center or actively selling vehicles everyday, she is very busy in the background and is responsible for the accounting, payroll & administration.

Joe Pisch

Joe Pisch

Joe was added to the team at Siman Auto Sales in early 2011, he brings with him many years of automotive experience and a very pleasant positive attitude as well as a strong core values. Joe is an excellent fit to the team and is considered one of the family. Dwight has know Joe for 15 years and was very excited to have the opportunity to bring him to our family business.

Garth Siman

Garth Siman
# 1 Son to Dwight

Garth is the Siman's eldest son and enjoys his career as a welder. Garth is an avid supporter of Siman Auto Sales.

Charles Siman

Charles Siman
# 2 Son to Dwight

Charles is the 2nd eldest Siman son, and percentage shareholder in SAS. He currently enjoys his career in the Human Resource industry. Charles has been instrumental in the founding of SAS, and we continue to pursue his input & feedback into our sales center experience.

Luke and Reuben Siman

Luke & Reuben Siman
# 3 & 4 Sons to Dwight & Lana

Youngest sons to Dwight & Lana Siman, Luke & Reuben are the hopeful future of SAS, and are often seen helping wash vehicles with Grandma on Saturdays, learning to upload photos to the website, counting inventory or writing thank-you letters on the computer.